Rider’s Rescue (The Rider’s Revenge Trilogy Book 2)

Written by Alessandra Clarke

K’lrsa avenged her father, but now the tribes she left behind are in danger and she’s the only one who can save them.

Problem is, not everyone is glad to see her or willing to listen, and her only allies are a fallen leader, a scarred foreigner, a woman who tried to kill her, a man without a tongue, and a former slave who’d rather be dead.

Still grieving for her father, wishing she could just be a normal girl and someone else could do all the killing and fighting and losing the ones they love, K’lrsa journeys to the Hidden City along with her Amalanee horse, Fallion, and her erstwhile allies.

Their goal: To find a weapon that can destroy the Daliph’s troops and save the tribes.

But when K’lrsa finds out the cost of victory, will she still be willing to pay it?

Praise for Rider’s Revenge, first book in the Rider’s Revenge Trilogy: “…impressively – Rider’s Revenge does the hard stuff well. It has a compelling central character, strong, well-developed themes, and a palpably tense atmosphere.” – Pornokitsch.com



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