Rice, Beans, and Revenge (A Mexican Cafe Cozy Mystery Series Book 4)

Written by Holly Plum
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

Revenge is a dish best served cold…with a side of green chili.

Mari Ramirez has her hands full running her family’s restaurant and keeping up with her lively bulldog Tabasco at the same time. But when she is visited by an old friend from high school who is also an international supermodel, local photographers aren’t the only ones desperate for a photo-op. A supermodel dropping dead during dinner isn’t good for business, not to mention the killer could be anyone in town. The restaurant staff all become suspects in a murder investigation, and Mari finds herself on the hunt to clear her family’s name. With the help of her old high school pals and Tabasco the bulldog, Mari learns that the killer might be closer than she thinks. Will she discover the murder’s motive before she too is served a deadly plate of rice and beans?



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