Retire on Rails of Steel

Written by Michael Panico
Category: · Business & Money

Pre-industrial America. A simpler time, but also lacking in economic opportunity.
Enter the locomotive.
The era of the steam engine sparked industrial revolution and westward expansion, the first dominoes in a quickening advance of economic, social and cultural change, one that has not slowed or stopped since. Retirement is experiencing a similar paradigm shift today. Gone are the days when decades of loyalty guaranteed a well-funded pension and a gold watch. We’re living in the days of rogue opportunity–self-funding our retirements and taking our finances into our own hands. But with this opportunity comes more risks and pitfalls than ever. Author Michael R. Panico is your guide, using his everyday experience as a financial advisor to illuminate:
-How to create a lifetime income strategy
-What you need to know before collecting Social Security
-What Medicare covers, where it falls short and what to do about it
-Hidden threats to your financial security
-How to avoid the retirement tax trap
-The steps necessary to protect your family, assets and autonomy
how do you punch your ticket to retirement amongst so much uncertainty? Will you leave your future to chance, experimenting with inferior tools or antiquated ideas? Or will you Retire on Rails of Steel?



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