Written by Mike Bloemer
Category: · Children’s Books

When 13-year old Brett Morgan stands up to snowboarding legend (and school bully) Preston Jackson, he inadvertently becomes the newest extreme sports superstar.

Brett Morgan used to have an amazing life. His mom was a famous actress, his dad was an award-winning director, and the three of them enjoyed an extravagant lifestyle in LA. All that changes a few days after Christmas, however, when Brett and his family are buried alive under a mountain of snow on the Swiss Alps. Brett is the only one to survive.

Brett eventually gets used to his wacky grandparents (who host a paranormal radio show about UFOs, Bigfoot, and Elvis sightings) and his aluminum-hat wearing cousin in Aspen, Colorado, but it takes even longer to get used to his new school. At first he’s excited to meet his extreme sports idol, Preston Jackson, who also attends Rocky Mountain Junior High. That changes when Brett discovers Preston is really an egomaniacal jerk who is nothing like he’s portrayed on TV. But at least his cute cousin Max is nice.

Brett’s life gets even crazier when he attends the Freezer Games, a competition sponsored by one of the world’s largest media empires, Silverleaf Entertainment. To show Preston he’s not God’s gift to extreme sports, Brett sneaks past security and performs an amazing snowboarding trick that makes ESPN’s Top Ten list (and also earns him the catchy nickname of Renegade). The owner of the Freezer Games, Woodrow Silverleaf, goes from wanting Brett arrested for trespassing to wanting him to be his newest sports star.

Brett soon finds himself juggling school work, new friendships, a romance with Max, crazy teachers, even crazier grandparents, a psychotic multi-billionaire tycoon boss, and the most grueling teen sports competition on the planet. Will Brett overcome all odds and win the Freezer Games? Or will he crack under the pressure?

Renegade should appeal to anyone who is interested in extreme sports, particularly extreme winter sports. It’s a moving, light-hearted tale about perseverance, love, and standing up for what you believe in, no matter what the odds.



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