Recursion: Book One of the Recursion Event Saga

Written by Brian J. Walton


And more dangerous than ever…

The Interlopers are after me, my route home is compromised, half my team is missing, and someone is trying to destroy the past.

Paris, 1951 — Molly Gardner is an agent for the ISD, a secret government agency policing the time tunnels. The ISD protects the world from Interlopers, illegal travelers who exploit the tunnels for their own needs. Molly has always believed the ISD had ultimate control of the tunnels. But she’s wrong.

On a routine mission, Molly arrives to find her team scattered and her station burning, destroyed by a Recursion Event. New revelations send Molly on a desperate flight across Europe, pursued by a mysterious Interloper named Phaedrus.

Determined to learn the truth, and haunted by a tragedy from her past, Molly must choose between answers and the safety of the few remaining members of her team. But discovering the truth will change everything Molly thought she knew about her past, present, and future.

The Recursion Event Saga is a time travel thriller told chronologically in 5 parts, each taking you to unique settings, times, and characters. The Recursion Event Saga spans over a century, from 1950s Paris to a post-apocalyptic future, lives and fates collide in Molly’s desperate fight to hold together the threads of history, and to solve the riddle of her life. A war-correspondent searching for his dead wife, a young screenwriter with a love for the paranormal, a time-traveling double agent, and a girl who’s lived multiple lives —all play a part in the century-spanning saga. 


  •  Part 1 – Recursion
  •  Part 2 – Dispersion
  •  Part 3 – Incursion
  •  Part 4 – Recension (Coming Soon)
  •  Part 5 – Inversion (Coming Soon)

Escape through time. Read Recursion Book One of the Recursion Event Saga and begin fighting the Interlopers today… or yesterday.

What others are saying about Recursion.

“A suspense thriller that starts mid-action and doesn’t stop.”

– Author David Khalaf

“Mind-bending… backed up with excellent writing.”

– Author Philip Harris



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