Rattlesnake Stories (Kindle Single)

Written by Anna Mitchael

Fear is not just a feeling. It’s a life changer. And we live in a world overshadowed by this emotional wrecking ball. Fear creeps in, fills our days with anxiety, then leaves us staring at the ceiling in the middle of the night, wondering if we are alone.

But you aren’t alone. In Rattlesnake Stories, Anna Mitchael (author of Copygirl) tells the story of her fight against the shadowy beast.

Set in her home on a Texas ranch surrounded by rattlesnake dens, Mitchael weaves her own crippling fear of snakes with worries of finding one’s way in the world, building a family, and what may come tomorrow.

In moments both hilarious and poignant, she shows us that we are stronger than we may think—and provides irrefutable evidence that this beautiful, messy, sometimes poison-filled thing we call life is best spent living.

Cover design by Hannah Perrine Mode.



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