Promise and Protect (Heroes of Evers, Texas Book 2)

Written by Lori Ryan
Category: · Romance

It’s been years since Katelyn Bowden last set foot in Evers, Texas. Sent away at age four by her father, the town sheriff, after her mother was murdered, Katelyn thrived under the loving care of her aunt in Austin. Now that her father is dying, it’s time for her to finally come home and face the past. But that means having to deal with the new sheriff, the handsome ex-New York City detective, John Davies.
When John realizes his mentor’s daughter may be hiding the key to a decades-old mystery, he fears her repressed memories could make her the target of a killer who’s still at large. He also finds it more and more difficult to resist his powerful attraction to the beautiful, talented artist. And as shocking revelations about local murders, past and present, slowly come to light, the threats against Katelyn’s life become all-too real—and John knows only he can protect the woman he loves from the peril that surrounds them both.
Previously released as Everlasting (2014)



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