Prestwick (Danger in the Sky)

Written by David Hough

Prestwick by David Hough

A freak mid-air collision cripples a trans-Atlantic 747 and a US Air Force jet. Against the clock and overwhelming odds, the planes’ crews – or what’s left of them – struggle to save the on-board survivors. Meanwhile an obsessed narcotics detective tries to pin drug smuggling and murder on two suspects on board the crippled 747.

As the weather deteriorates, most Scottish airports are closed, leaving Prestwick the only airport available for a safe landing. However, Prestwick has its own emergency to deal with, something that overshadows all other problems. Landing permission is refused and more than four hundred people are condemned to an almost certain death over icy, blizzard-swept seas.

Can things get any worse? They can – and they do…

David Hough whips his reader along in a roaring jet stream of action and high tension that buckles the reader to his seat. A breathtaking, whirlwind of a thriller.

About the author:
David Hough was born in Cornwall and grew up in the Georgian City of Bath. He spent forty years working as an air traffic controller in Northern Ireland, Scotland and England before retiring early in 2003 and becoming a writer. David has written over 20 novels and enjoys writing “a rattling good yarn with a dose of hard grit”. He now lives with his wife in Dorset, on the south coast of England.

Katherine Smith, an award winning writer, says: “Mr. Hough is an immensely gifted writer with a unique voice and he never disappoints. If you want compelling action, riveting dialogue, and characters you will remember long after you’ve closed the book, I highly recommend anything by this unforgettable author.”

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