Plus Size Heart: A story of life, love and cake

Written by Lisa Anderson

Twenty seven year old Sophie is a beautiful happy plus size girl living her dream of owning and operating a boutique in a pretty southern Virginia town.  She has great clothes, great friends, is happily single and isn’t interested in changing any of it for a man.
Gorgeous, cynical and mega rich property tycoon Liam Moran only dates super thin society women or models and isn’t impressed at all by Sophie when they first meet. He has plans to convert parts of Sophie’s town into a shopping mall and is convinced he won’t meet any opposition from anyone, let alone a woman. 
The project becomes more difficult than he ever imagined when it becomes clear he needs Sophie’s land for his development.  She isn’t impressed by his money, his temper, or his looks and doesn’t want a shopping mall in her town. Sophie promptly organizes the locals to resist Liam’s plans, placing herself directly in his path.  Liam finds himself increasingly attracted, against his will, to the outspoken and lovely Sophie, who challenges all his accepted notions of beauty and how women behave around rich men, and she in turn finds it more and more difficult to resist the kind but wounded heart she can see under his ruthless exterior.
Liam and Sophie are on a collision course over the property development as well as their own long held prejudices.  Money, ambition and rejection also create enemies, and Liam’s past behavior with women comes back to create a violent and dangerous confrontation that they must deal with before they can be together.



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