Plague of Tyrants (Chosen King Book 3)

Written by M.J. Sewall

Two young kings now rule the Kingdom of the Thirteen, and their enemies are building on all sides. Facing a threat unlike anything the world has ever seen, the two have discovered their prized airships can’t protect them against all dangers. One king must leave to find the source of the new threat, while leaving the other to face enemies on two fronts.

Even with the corrupt old rulers gone, their work is far from finished. Loyalties are tested and boundaries broken, as the kings try to establish who they can trust in the new world that they helped create. With old enemies looking for new ways to exact revenge, their Kingdom has never been more vulnerable, and new enemies are born from the plots laid by old adversaries.

At the heart of it all stand the kings themselves. Neither of them asked to be king, but both of them have done their best. As they continue to push themselves to new limits, they’ll need to dig deeper than ever before to find ways to unite their people, defeat the enemies at their door, and above all, remain true to themselves. Everything they know will be tested, but will they once again be able to cheat death and answer the call of destiny?



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