Piece by Piece: Remembering Georgina: A Mother’s Memoir

Written by Helen Anderson

When fourteen-year old singer-songwriter Georgina Anderson received the shock news that her recent ‘indigestion’ was in fact liver cancer, doctors battled to save her, and her mother Helen poured her thoughts and fears into the pages of a diary. Piece by Piece is a transcript of that diary as a new member of the ‘club’ no parent wants to join. This unforgettable book also charts the stunning reaction to Georgina’s music as celebrities and members of the public spread her story around the globe. This memoir is Helen Victoria Anderson’s testament to her daughter’s courage. Shot through with dark humour, Piece by Piece is an honest snapshot of turbulent times which captures the strength of the human spirit in the face of the unthinkable.

“Piece by Piece is extraordinarily moving and beautifully written – there is such powerful attention to detail here that the reader is given new insight into grief and love. This memoir is a testament to Helen Anderson’s strength and courage – her honesty is unflinching: Piece by Piece demands to be read by everyone.” – Marion Husband, author of The Boy I Love trilogy, The Good Father, Say You Love Me, and Six Little Deaths

“Helen is a wonderful, heartfelt, descriptive writer and her grief is tangible, yet she is not only surviving every mother’s worst nightmare, she is chronicling it as a life lesson for the rest of us. She is one brave lady to let us into a heart that has been through so much.” -Christine Fieldhouse, author of Why Do Monsters Come Out at Night?

“I believe that this book will help many people realise they are not alone, others have walked this path before, and that somehow, they too will survive.”- Leona Knox, mother of wee Oscar



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