Perfectly Pretend

Written by Jenn Faulk

Hope Connor has spent her entire life playing pretend. With a father in high-profile ministry, she’s been forced into life as the dutiful pastor’s daughter, making choices along the way for the good of her family, often to her own personal loss. When the opportunity to leave it all behind comes, she takes it without looking back.
Craig Lucas has always been a loser. With a complicated past, a broken engagement, and an inability to go any farther in his career, he doesn’t think it will ever be any different. When the opportunity to leave it all behind comes, he takes it without even knowing what he’s moving towards.
Then, one little lie changes everything.
As Hope and Craig try to define who they are in light of where they’ve been and where they’re going, they’ll discover grace and restoration for all that was lost as they separate reality from pretend…



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