Peace Lily (The Katherine Wheel Series Book 2)

Written by Alex Martin

Peace Lily is the sequel to DAFFODILS and book two of the ‘Katherine Wheel’ series.
After the appalling losses suffered during the First World War, three of its survivors long for peace, unaware that its aftermath will bring different, but still daunting, challenges.
Katy trained as a mechanic during the war and cannot bear to return to the life of drudgery she left behind. A trip to America provides the dream ticket she has always craved and an opportunity to escape the strait-jacket of her working class roots. She jumps at the chance, little realising that it will change her life forever, but not in the way she’d hoped.
Jem lost not only an arm in the war, but also his livelihood, and with it, his self esteem. How can he keep restless Katy at home and provide for his wife? He puts his life at risk a second time, attempting to secure their future and prove his love for her.
Cassandra has fallen deeply in love with Douglas Flintock, an American officer she met while driving ambulances at the Front. How can she persuade this modern American to adapt to her English country life, and all the duties that come with inheriting Cheadle Manor? When Douglas returns to Boston, unsure of his feelings, Cassandra crosses the ocean, determined to lure him back.
As they each try to carve out new lives, their struggles impact on each other in unforeseen ways in this heartbreaking romance.
Peace Lily is about boundaries in post war romance – boundaries between traditional values and the modern age of the 20th century, between men and women, young and old and in post-war 1919 these are tested as never before.
There is a third book in the Katherine Wheel Series featuring the feisty heroine, Katy, called Speedwell, which completes the true love trilogy…for now.



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