Pagan Blue Skies: A Workbook for a Better Life for All With Vegan Recipes

Written by Julie Fisher

Are you ready to look at your world in a new way? In a life-enhancing, positive, constructive way? In a way that realises every living thing matters and is certainly worthy of our respect and kindness. Pagan Blue Skies returns you to Nature, reminding you to be strong like the oak tree– to spread your own canopy of protection, nourishment, benevolence, re-invention, thoughtfulness, and a good heart.

British Celtic Paganism is a very ancient philosophy, yet in today’s world it’s as important, relevant and crucial as it was in our ancestors’ time; it concentrates on all the colours of the ecology picture without making the saving of the planet an insurmountable problem. Paganism has a respect for all life—it’s life-coaching with an Earth-centred awareness and is a very enriching, optimistic and exciting way to live your life.

Return to Mother Nature for your strength, spirit, purpose, health and healing: only Nature can provide a belief in self where you are central to what happens in your life and the life around you.

Just as holidays by the sea or in the countryside energise and harmonise stressed bodies and minds, so Paganism brings a lifestyle and spirituality base that makes sense of why we’re here. The eight Pagan Sabbats remind you to sit up, focus, and appreciate what’s happening outside your window—the first flowers of a new Spring, swallows swooping overhead, gathering blackberries and sloes, seeing the Moon waxing and waning, maybe hearing the ghosts of long ago bears, lynx and wolves roaming the hills in their longing to return.

Pagan Blue Skies also embraces why it’s so important to be Vegan—for health of self, health of the planet, health of others, health of animals and other living things, and includes Vegan recipes and how to eat with the seasons. Veganism is another ecological essential.

So carry your light to illuminate your destiny, and the destiny of Earth, because this is a smile in a book and we should each of us spread joy wherever we travel. Believe in yourself, believe in your capacity, and in your inherent goodness. Climb high mountains, run wild rivers, but remember to come back to earth, because we will create brilliant and positive circumstances when that is our intention, and when we look to Nature for inspiration.

The decisions we make at crucial crossroads define our lives and weave the story of our existence, so be a part of the growing global community that’s bringing a very positive change into the world; we do certainly make a difference, because in small everyday ways we confront life’s problems, grab hold of them with hopefulness and integrity, and live as gently on the Earth as we can. When we are true to ourselves there will be Blue Skies, and peace, and respect for all, and for all things.



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