Out of the Nest: An Italian Summer (The Italian Saga Book 2)

Written by Gaia B Amman
Category: · Teens & Young Adult

The Goonies meets Stand by Me in the summer of the 14th FIFA world cup in 1990 Italy in this addictive coming of age story

Puberty: what a hot mess!

Italy, 1990. Leda is a strong-headed bookworm and a tomboy who can’t fit anywhere as her world splits into girls and boys. Puberty is nonsensical and irritating until she falls victim to her first crush…

It’s the summer of the 14th FIFA World Cup.
It’s the summer of Leda’s first kiss.
It’s the summer that will change her life.
Can tomboy Leda win her fears and learn to stand up for herself?

From periods to first kisses, pre-teens and adults alike will laugh and cry with this Italian childhood memoir set against the gorgeous backdrop of northern Italy and Tuscany. If you are looking for an addictive, amusing story infused with Italian culture—this is it.

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The book, which can be read as self-standing, is the second novel in “The Italian Saga”.

Author Interview:

You are a scientist and a college professor. What made you start writing novels?
I have found happiness in unexpected ways. After a lifetime of hearing “You should write a book about this!” I did, and my story turned into a whole series.
So, are the books based on your life?
Yes, they are. Although the novels are fictionalized to protect the privacy of people in my life.
Who would enjoy this novel?
Travelers, wanderers, Italy lovers, tough girls and the people who love them, readers who question stereotypes and love addictive, emotional reads.

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Praise for “Out of the Nest”

“The author captures the flavor of Italy and the quintessence of childhood and adolescence in this immensely readable book.”—Grady Harp, Amazon HALL OF FAME TOP 500 REVIEWER
“Evokes the sights, sounds, and smells of Italy.”—Books Direct
“This book was amazing! Great for teens and adults!”—T. Hoffert

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