OUR TRUE POWER COMES FROM WITHIN: Embrace The Real You & Drop The Ego (Emotional Healing Book 3)

Written by Cheryl Usher
Category: · Business & Money

Unlock the unlimited resources from within and gain better health, release intense emotions, and increase success in your life that allows the light within to shine no matter what is surrounding you.

How to stop doubting your greatness is big within the self-help genre, and is an important subject, but where it gets tricky is that there is no exact road map or instructions to finding it within. There are examples of great leaders in this book combined with using the tools we have in our hand to transform our life.

What do Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great, and Bruce Lee have in common? What can you learn from them that will help you live your life to the fullest?

The variety of hardships, hurdles, and challenges they faced helped them gain determination and commitment and become men of respect, influence, and inspiration. Their success in life had to do with their way of thinking ­– just as your success in life has much to do with your way of thinking.

The ability to be a good leader and be successful requires gaining a new perspective and learning how to guide our own selves with the tools that we have in our hands. You are in control of what you think, and this book will help you with the art of changing your thought processes. It’s time to begin focusing on your internal world rather than solely on the external one. When you build a relationship with yourself, you will gain a new perspective on life.

You have power over your life ­– it’s up to you to decide how you’re going to use each moment of that life. All these situations like an abusive relationship or a dysfunctional family situation, being bullied at work and job dissatisfaction can be looked at differently to empower the self. Don’t miss out on the fullness of life! Transform your life!

Who are we, really, and what can we do to find our true selves and live life to the fullest?

  • Give your inner self a voice
  • Learn fearlessness
  • Make your hardships and obstacles in life a source of strength and use them as a way to get in touch with your power within
  • Learn how to thwart the negative internal dialogue in your mind and regain the power that will allow you to achieve your dreams
  • Learn the part your ego plays in holding you back from change
  • Learn how to influence people in a positive way
  • Balance intellect and emotions to create success and opportunity
  • Communicate with people based on their individual personality traits

Accept and use everything in life as a gift to make you stronger. Be courageous, and take the happiness that life is offering you. It all begins with you! The good life



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