Orphan Girl: The story of an abandoned child’s tragic fate as a migrant worker in Saudi Arabia. Inspired by a true story, In memory of Rizana Nafeek.

Written by Indika Guruge
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“Those at the orphanage will take care of you.”

Deprived of parental love and left to grow in an orphanage, 18-year-old Ramya is a sensitive, bright young girl. She is devoted and loyal to her friends and her most cherished wish and dream is to find a family of her own and put the past behind her.

Until one day, it seems that her dream has finally come true when a loving couple decides to adopt her. However, due to a twist of fate, she ends up in a Saudi Arabia mansion, serving as a housemaid – and this is just the beginning of her pains and tribulations.

As her tragic story unfolds, the reader becomes a witness of her strength and courage, as she bravely tries to face estrangement and humiliation, up until the day an unexpected incident seals her fate forever.

Will she find the new life she has always wanted? Or will she say goodbye in the hope of a better next one?

Based on Rizana Nafeek’s true life story, this heart-wrenching novel brought to you by Indika Guruge aims at unveiling the injustice and cruelty hundreds of working children have to suffer every day, especially in Saudi Arabia.

Abandoned, orphan children that leave the one and only place they can call “home” with their hopes up, only to be subdued, mistreated, and used as servants – this is the reality Mr. Guruge is masterfully trying to convey via this fascinating, moving story.

Open up your heart to Ramya and love her as hundreds of readers have done so far – you will not regret it!

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