Norse Mythology: The Norse Gods: Thor, Odin and Loki, the Nine Worlds and the Old Norse Myths – 3rd Edition

Written by Simon Hawthorne

Welcome to the Realm of Norse Mythology!

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Do you know what Norse mythology is?
Are you interested in learning more about it at a beginner’s level?
Would you like to expand your horizons when it comes to your mythologies?

Norse mythology is a belief system that was created by the Scandinavians or Vikings, which was adopted by many other settlements in their area. It depicted the gods and goddesses as beings who were hard warriors and able to take on dragons and serpents and was overall a very warrior-oriented belief system. However, the people of that time were not as violent and brutal as most would like to believe. They were vilified by the other religions of the era so that those religions would not lose followers.
So are you interested in learning about people who were not quite what many people paint them as, and learn more about the creation of the world through the Norse belief system, then take a peek inside this book! Not only is the Norse world unlike any other world you’ll read about in the history books, it’s packed full of interesting tidbits that you might recognize from stories and movies you’ve seen recently.

You’ll find a lot of useful information in this book pertaining to Norse mythology, such as:

  • The creation of the world through Norse eyes, beginning with the death of Ymir and the birth of the sun and moon. Plus, an explanation of day and night, and the birth of Ask and Embla. You’ll also find out information about the Tree of Life or Yggdrasil, and how the three Norns play a large role in Norse mythology.
  • Next, you’ll read about the nine different worlds of Yggdrasil and where they are located on the Tree of Life. You’ll also figure out who lives in those worlds and who rules them.
  • Then you’ll read about the gods and goddesses and how they interact with one another.
  • What wouldn’t be a book on Norse mythology without an explanation of the mythical creatures of Yggdrasil and the other deities who rule there?
  • Finally, you’ll learn about the end of the world as the Norse followers believed it was going to be, but I think you’ll be surprised by what they foretell as the future after the end of the world has come.
  • And much more is contained within this book!
  • I hope you are ready for a wild ride through the Norse mythology belief system and the intriguing way that the Vikings viewed the world. It has been a backdrop for many movies and books filmed and written, and it is sure to be the muse for many more writers. This mythology has a plethora of stories and gods and goddesses to follow for there to be much more in the future.
    So if you’re ready to start reading about Norse mythology, then hang onto your book and get ready for an awesome ride! Scroll up and grab a copy of this eBook today!

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