No Regrets (Otter Creek Book 11)

Written by Rebecca Deel
Category: · Romance

While running an errand, Sasha Ingram finds herself the victim of a crime. An elite team of black ops warriors rescues her, a team that includes the man who makes her heart rate soar every time she sees him. Sasha believes the danger is past. But the attacks escalate, threatening her livelihood and life, and the body count rises. If Sasha and Cade fail to uncover the identity of the person targeting her, they’ll lose the love of a lifetime as well as their lives.

Fortress Security operative Cade Ramsey is fascinated by the woman who owns Otter Creek’s coffee shop. With a bad relationship in his past, Cade hesitates to try again, but he can’t fight his attraction to Sasha. Before he acts on his interest, Sasha is taken hostage, and Cade and his teammates spring into action. Despite a successful rescue, the danger to Sasha mounts, and Cade vows to protect the woman he’s falling for. When he and Sasha are snared in the killer’s trap, Cade’s black ops skills and experience may not be enough to save them.



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