Ninja Farts: Silent But Deadly…A Hilarious Book for Kids Age 6-10 (The Disgusting Adventures of Milo Snotrocket 3)

Written by J.B. O'Neil
Category: · Children’s Books

Ready to laugh your butt off? Milo Snotrocket is back and stinkier than ever in this hilarious new addition to the #1 Best-Selling “Fart Book” series.

Here’s what readers are already saying about the side-splitting, bottom-burping Fart Book series:

“I haven’t heard my daughter laughing and giggling that much since she stared school. Thank you J.B O’Neill – I will definitely get all your books to keep my child laughing.” — Lisa D.

“Absolutely hysterical!…If you want to laugh your way through, from page to page, this is your opportunity and the price is perfect. Get your copy now, it will put a smile on your face!” — Tom Foster

“This ebook had me and my kids laughing from start to finish!…Talk about a fun Friday night!” — Rob Rodenparker

His name is Milo Snotrocket and he has the same problems any kid has. School is boring, he has a bully and sometimes he farts. Well, more than sometimes. What nobody else knows about this special kid is that he’s more than just you average everyday child, he’s also a Fart Ninja — taking on bullies and all evildoers with the amazing power of his horrible farts!

Warning: This book has farts. Lots of them. And if you focus on farting as much as the people in this book, you might want to check your pants when you’re done!

You and your kids will love this book…grab it now while it’s still available at this discounted price.



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