Nemesis: All Shall be Judged

Written by Lucy-Kate Cordwell
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Will she untangle the web of lies and manipulation in time to discover the truth and save all she loves?

Devon spent her whole life desperately wishing something interesting would happen to her, and then one day, it did…

When Devon arranged an evening out for her friends, she never could have predicted the terrifying turn that the night would take. She had never believed in the supernatural world, but that was back when her life was simple, before the mysterious, seductive Tristan, stepped into her life, and she witnessed him tearing open a woman’s throat.

In a thrilling tale of vampires, witches, love, and bloodshed, three friends must rush to understand their sinister new reality, and try to find a way to survive in it.

REVIEW by crime thriller and children’s adventure author Wilf Morgan:
‘Fantastic debut outing from author Lucy-Kate Cordwell. She takes the well-travelled vampire genre and injects it with a shot of adrenalin, shoots it with a crossbow bolt to make it really mad and then pushes it, screeching and howling in your direction. The story begins at a sedate enough pace (if you ignore the pulse-pounding flash-forward prologue, that is) and steadily introduces you to three young women, all different personalities and with different flaws and strengths, who suddenly find themselves the victim of a vampire attack. The affect it has on each of them is profound and sends them off down individual paths as they each confront their own weaknesses and demons in order to deal with the new, world-shattering threat that has landed smack on their heads. However, their attempts to stand by each other despite their individual worlds unravelling in blood, violence and magic is truly endearing and represents the true heart of the story. Two tips when reading this book; first, hold on tight so the plot twists (ever more hard-hitting and stake-raising in their intensity) don’t throw you from the ride. And second? Make sure you read it during the day.’

About the Author:
Lucy-Kate Cordwell graduated as an Associate of the London College of Music and Dramatic Arts and has continued in creative pursuits ever since. She performs as both a comedian and dramatic actress, most known for the Rubiks Comedy Troupe, web series Forbidden Truth (2016-2017), and independent feature Lost Diagnosis (2017). Lucy has written plays and sketches for the theatre. Nemesis: All Shall be Judged is her debut novel.



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