My Whole Foods Challenge: 30 Day Cookbook

Written by Olivia Starr

What if one decision today could dramatically increase the level of your life in all areas in a month from now? Everything that you’ve been dreaming of is possible and you may attain more energy, better sleep, healthy habits, and, finally, lose weight. And even the weight loss effect won’t be temporary this time. If you get new healthy habits, it may last a lifetime, and it will change your relationship, your attitude towards life, work, family – literally, everything!

Olivia Starr, the creator of this cookbook, believes this will be possible to achieve if you follow one of three healthy programs: WHOLE FOODS, WHOLE30, or PALEO. (This book is not endorsed or affiliated with the Whole30®. The Whole30 is a registered trademark of Whole9 Life, LLC. The Whole30 program was created by Melissa Hartwig and Dallas Hartwig. Please search for their wonderful books on amazon, if you haven’t read them yet).

A one-size-fits-all solution is not about dieting. You need to find something that is the most suitable for you. So choose your program, and start your 30-day challenge.

Why do all these 3 life-changing programs speak about 30 days? If you stick to something for a month, you will see the results. It’s going to be the beginning, the basis of your success. You will feel better and you will develop a new life-changing habit. From this moment, it will be much easier to stick to the healthy lifestyle, and you will gain confidence that you can do it. By the way, can you? Do not hesitate! YES, YOU CAN!

This cookbook by Olivia Starr will provide you with numerous great and easy-to-cook recipes. The cookbook contains:

  • 90 WHOLE FOODS recipes, 70 WHOLE30 recipes, and 73 PALEO recipes
  • Photos of the cooked meal for each of the recipes
  • Easy-to-understand and user-friendly chart explaining the differences between these 3 popular diets (many people find it confusing)
  • Kitchen essentials – Olivia Starr’s recommendations for different budgets
  • FREE cookbook “TOP-10 recipes” from the previous cookbook by Olivia Starr. All 10 recipes are WHOLE FOODS, WHOLE30, and PALEO compatible

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