Musician’s Guide to Understanding & Mastering Chord Charts: Learn how to play and memorize songs in multiple keys within minutes!

Written by Becky Shaw

GUITAR PLAYERS, this one is for you too!

Have you ever been asked to play a song in a DIFFERENT KEY at the LAST MINUTE and found yourself totally FREAKING OUT?! Do you SPEND HOURS and hours learning and trying to memorize songs note-for-note?

Maybe you’re a CHURCH Musician STRUGGLING to make the shift from written/traditional music to contemporary songs written on these crazy things called chord charts. Or maybe you’re on the other end of the spectrum – maybe you’re the SELF-TAUGHT musician who has been EMBARRASSED & FRUSTRATED trying to “keep up with” and communicate with those “trained musicians” who know all that MUSIC THEORY.

What if you could learn a few key things that would give you the CONFIDENCE and FLEXIBILITY so you NEVER HAVE TO FREAK OUT at last minute key changes again?

What if you DIDN’T HAVE TO PRACTICE for hours in more than one key, but could EASILY switch to a new key within MINUTES?!

And what if you could learn a system that meant you could even memorize a piece in a few minutes rather than taking hours to memorize all 6,354 notes of a song?!?!

Well, there’s GOOD NEWS!!!

Musician’s Guide to Understanding & Mastering Chord Charts was written to give you the ESSENTIAL TOOLS & knowledge that EVERY musician (trained or self-taught) should have in their back pocket so they can operate with CONFIDENCE and FLEXIBILITY in any contemporary music situation.

Musician’s Guide to Understanding & Mastering Chord Charts gives you a solid musical foundation by taking you through key information about:
-The Piano Keyboard & Scales
-Number System (used by professional/studio recording musicians)
-Cheat Sheets (for reading and creating Chord Charts)

Go through the exercises in this book and by the end, after putting in a little time up front, you will be equipped with the tools you need to THRIVE and operate with confidence in your musical context!

Best of all, you can SPEND LESS TIME STRESSING and MORE TIME ENJOYING the music you love to play!



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