Murder in the Mansion: A Daniel Swift Mystery

Written by Penelope Sotheby
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

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A rich woman murdered, and another seemingly cut and dry case.  Has Daniel finally taken on more than he can handle?
Daniel Swift, Attorney at Law, gets a visit from a home nurse who suspects that the woman under her care is about to be murdered.  When that does indeed happen, all evidence points towards the nurse.
Daniel is determined to find out who was really responsible for the murder of the socialite up in her mansion. In doing so he must do battle with a steely judge, a vindictive District Attorney and a legal system where innocence is not always presumed.
A determined lawyer. A client with all the evidence stacking up against her.  Murder in the Hotel: A Daniel Swift Mystery is the second in a new series of books by author Penelope Sotheby. 
If you are a fan of whodunits that will keep you guessing untilthe very end, then you will love this Daniel Swift adventure.

Interview with the Author

Q – Can you tell us more about your Daniel Swift books?

A – These books follow the adventures of a superb Attorney at Law called Daniel Swift. Daniel is in his mid-30s and lives in the paradise setting of Key West. Unlike many in his profession Daniel is the epitome of honesty. He is also one of the most brilliant lawyers in the country which a dedication not just to his clients, but to the pursuit of truth.

Q – Who would this book appeal to, who is your target market?

A – Women aged 35 and over tend to like my books the best, but these books are targeted to anyone really who loves whodunit books.

Q – For those of us who are unfamiliar with the term “Cozy Mystery” what does it mean?

A – A cozy mystery is a mystery novel without the graphic sex or violence that one might expect from some whodunit mysteries. It is a very popular genre at the moment with many cozy mystery free kindle books currently on Amazon.

Q – Can you tell us more about yourself, what do you do other than write Murder Mysteries?

A – I am a mother and a grandmother. I am an avid gardener and host Murder Mystery weekends. I currently live in Cambridge, England. Other than writing, I do of course spend lots of time reading whodunit mysteries.

Q – What other stories have you written? Can you give us a brief overview of some of your stories?

A – I have written a novella called “Murder in the Inn” which has a different setting to the Diane Dimbleby stories. What they have in common though is that they are all whodunit books.

Q – Where do you get your inspiration for these stories?

A – A lot of the inspiration comes from real life experiences, especially with regards to the setting of my stories. The murder details are inspired by decades of reading murder mysteries such as those from the womens murder club and from real life news stories. I have read a lot of the books from the mystery novels best sellers 2017 list which gave me some good ideas.



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