More Ketchup than Salsa: Confessions of a Tenerife Barman

Written by Joe Cawley

Would you risk everything to start a new life overseas?

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Childhood sweethearts, Joe and Joy are broke and bored. They’re also tired of smelling of fish.
When offered the chance to escape from the dreary market stalls of Bolton, England and buy a bar on the sub-tropical resort island of Tenerife, they recklessly jump at the opportunity, despite a spectacular lack of experience.
In Tenerife, dreams of a better life overseas are soon crushed by mini-mafias, east European prostitutes and biblical-grade cockroach infestations.
Their foreign fantasy turns into a nightmare as they find themselves trapped with a failing bar in a foreign land, pandering to a bar full of expat society misfits 24/7, while trying to stop their relationship crashing into the rocks.
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A must-read travel memoir if you’ve ever thought about starting again and moving overseas.

Voted ‘Best Travel Narrative’ by the British Guild of Travel Writers.

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