Mid Harvest Road: Jacob Kearns Series, Part I

Written by Jonuel Negron

What’s wrong with me? I don’t know anymore. I can’t remember what I’ve done. I can’t even control what I’m gonna do. Am I going crazy or is it something else?

Can’t a country girl catch a break for once? It’s not like I was complaining about being a waitress in my own personal little restaurant story. I already had my dang plate full worrying about my sick Momma. She is gonna be joining my late Daddy soon.

My life was tragic enough before I got pulled into this horror story. And Ya’ll I don’t mean some abusive boyfriend type of horror. I am talking about that night on the old back road with them creatures or I think something happened. Maybe I did go into that dark forest when my tire blew out or maybe it was all in my head. I ain’t sure no more!

Ever since that night I keep getting these weird dreams, I keep seeing this small grey monster following me and sometimes I can’t control myself. My name is Sarah Knox and I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

I am now on ‘The Long Road’ and the road can kill you.

This is Part One of the Jacob Kearns Series
Are a fan of “Southern Spirits” by Angie Fox or “Afraid” by Jack Kilborn? Then you will enjoy adding this series to reading list.



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