Meow Said the Cow: Help Kids Go to Sleep with a Smile (READY TO READ – bedtime stories children’s picture books Book 2)

Written by Sarah Mazor

Meow Said the Cow is the second in the hilarious Auntie Lily series that is a perfect read right before sleep. The mood is lightened with Auntie Lily’s silly rhymes, which guarantees bedtime with a smile 🙂

Silly Auntie Lily
Loves cows big and small
She tells us cow stories
That make no sense at all
Loony goofy stories
Always told in rhyme
‘Cause silly Auntie Lily
Is silly all the time

Have fun and help your child develop with Meow Said the Cow – the hilarious second volume in the READY TO READ children’s books series about funny, silly, cows in nonsensical situations that will have you and your kids rolling with laughter.

At the end of the book, you will find a series of riddles quiz children about animals and what they are famous for. All within the context of the “SILLY COW” theme.
Does a cow have a shell on her back? No, of course not. Then who does? (A turtle!)
Funny images will keep the kids and the adults reading to them amused from beginning to end!



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