Mean girl: (A dark, disturbing psychological thriller)

Written by Natasha A. Salnikova

Corby Mackentile is a fifteen-year-old girl who attends a private school. She has been bullied because of her weight since she was twelve, especially by the most popular girls. Her parents – her mother is a TV anchor and her father is a Buddhist who owns a butcher shop – are too busy with their own lives to pay attention to their only daughter. Corby has a crush on one of the most popular boys in school. He makes fun of her once, but then unexpectedly apologizes to her via text messaging. Corby has no idea why he does that, but from that moment, her situation with three of the popular girls becomes worse. Then, one day, one of the girls who had bullied Corby comes to the butcher shop where Corby works for her father after school. The girl doesn’t miss a chance to tease Corby about her weight once again, but a pure, but horrible accident that happens during this visit changes Corby’s life in a way she’s never expected.

Great gift for a psychological thriller lover!



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