Maui: Ten Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Vacation (Paul G. Brodie Travel Series Book 3)

Written by Paul Brodie
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Enjoy the best of Maui with the most current information.

What if you could plan the best vacation possible to Maui by investing in this book? What if you could have an incredible vacation in Maui with a few simple steps? Imagine being in Maui with the best guide to enjoy the best Restaurants, Desserts, Food Trucks, Beaches, and Locations while on Vacation in Paradise.

Eleven-time Amazon bestselling author, Paul G. Brodie, offers his comprehensive guide to help you enjoy the best of Maui and has included over 80 pictures from his Maui trips in this book.

Here are a few things that you will get out of Maui.

In this book, you will discover.

•Where you should consider staying from areas ranging from Kihei, Lahaina, Upcountry, and Paia
•The best time of the year to go to Maui (hint, there no official off-season)
•How to book your Flights and Car Rental at the Best Price including Paul’s latest Car Rental strategy that will save you significant money on your trip to Maui
•What you should do upon arrival in Maui after a long flight
•How to find the best places to complete your Grocery Shopping and enjoy Hawaiian foods that Paul personally recommends while in Maui
•Where to find the best Restaurants, Food Trucks, and Desserts across Maui with the ultimate 56 page foodie guide in chapter 6 with over 60 pictures from every meal from Paul’s 2017 trip to Maui
•Where to find the best Beaches and Snorkeling
•Where to find the perfect Beach that Paul found in Maui that is ideal for Relaxing and Snorkeling
•Where to find the best place to buy Souvenirs (hint, it is only open one day a week)
•How to enjoy the best Excursions to the Haleakala Crater, Road to Hana, Molokini, and Honolua Bay
•How to explore the areas in the Upcountry and Paia
•What items you should bring in regards to Cameras, Underwater Cameras, High Definition Video Cameras, Dash Cams, Streaming Devices, and other items to maximize your memories while in Maui

•BONUS: Free Maui Travel Guide that includes Maps of Maui, Travel Tips, Grocery Shopping Lists, Map of Maui Beaches and Snorkeling Guide, Ranking of Paul’s Favorite Maui Restaurants and Food Trucks, and additional maps of Haleakala National Park, The Road to Hana, Molokini, and Honolua Bay

•BONUS: Over 80 pictures included in the book that feature Sunsets, Beaches, the best Food and Desserts from Maui’s top Restaurants, Food Trucks, and Desserts

•BONUS: Find out about one of the best iPhone and Android app’s to download to utilize while driving across Maui

•BONUS: Learn about the best way to withdraw cash while in Maui without having to pay bank fees and how much cash back each store will give you

•BONUS: Access to Website links for each Excursion, Restaurant, Food Truck, and Dessert in the Kindle edition of the book

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