Mastering Camera Aperture: Digital Photography Tips and Tricks for Beginners on How to Control Depth of Field

Written by David Jones
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Mastering Camera Aperture: Digital Photography Tips and Tricks for Beginners on How to Control Depth of Field

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One of the major problems photographers face is not knowing how to choose the right camera aperture for their photos. It’s often that a photographer will want to capture a scene, such as a landscape, that’s clearly focused throughout the frame. However, what usually happens is that only the trees in the foreground are in focus and the mountains in the background are out of focus or vice versus. The photo has too shallow depth of field as opposed to a deep depth of field. What went wrong? We’ll teach you in this book.

Other times, a photographer tries to capture that classic “portrait look” with the subject in perfect focus while the background is out of focus and blurred. What tends to happen here is that everything turns out to be in focus. How can this be fixed? You’ll learn what to do in this book.

Finally, a Book on Photography for Beginners and Intermediates that Takes the Mystery out of How to Use Aperture!

Our intention with this book is to take the mystery out of how to use the aperture setting on your camera. Throughout these pages we’ll teach you digital photography tips and tricks on how to master the aperture setting so that you end up with the types of shots you intended. By the end, you’ll know exactly how to minimize or maximize the depth of field within the frame.

Digital photography basics you’ll learn include:

– What is aperture
– How aperture is controlled
– What are f-stop numbers
– Standard lens aperture ranges
– Why aperture size matters
– What depth of field is in a photo
– How aperture impacts depth of field
– How to create shallow depth of field and large depth of field
– How to choose the right aperture for your photograph
– and much more!

Also included in the book is an Aperture Depth of Field Chart for you to use as a quick reference for knowing which aperture to start with in order to capture a certain type of photograph.

Throughout the book you’ll also find many great examples of aperture photography.

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