Master Todoist: How to Use a Simple App to Create Actionable To-Do Lists and Organize Your Life

Written by S.J. Scott
Category: · Business & Money

Do you struggle with getting things done? Feel overwhelmed by your to-do list? Want a simple app to manage and organize your life?

It’s easy to begin each day with a lengthy list of tasks without a clear direction of what to focus on first. The truth is: Most to-do lists are a distraction that often cause you to procrastinate on important tasks.

Fortunately, the TODOIST app is specifically designed help you manage all your day-to-day tasks — even when juggling dozens of projects.

Todoist is widely considered to be the #1 to-do list app because of its simple functionality. It’s elegantly designed so you can download it right now and create your first task list within five minutes. On the other hand, it has many advanced features that allow you to manage hundreds of tasks and projects, without making you feel overwhelmed.

All of this and more is covered in the book, “Master Todoist.”

DOWNLOAD: Master Todoist: How to Use a Simple App to Create Actionable To-Do Lists

The goal of Master Todoist is to help you rethink your to-do lists. On the surface, you’ll find a walkthrough of all the app’s features, but you’ll also discover many advanced strategies for focusing on the tasks that truly matter.

Specifically, you will learn how to:

  • Identify the activities that are most important for your personal and professional life
  • Remember every single date-specific appointment, meeting, and personal obligation
  • Create projects with clearly identifiable next steps
  • Use Todoist to remove the distractions and “noise” that prevent you from focusing on your big-picture activities
  • Implement the advanced features to streamline the most precious asset that you possess — your time
  • You can eliminate that feeling of overwhelm by redesigning the way you manage tasks. And in Master Todoist, you’ll discover how you can take massive action in your life by relying on a simple app that’s trusted by over 5 million users.

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