Magic Money Journal: A Journal for Creating Abundance (Magic Money Books Book 4)

Written by Holly Alexander
Category: · Business & Money

A Tried and True Framework for Enduring Wealth.

If you’ve ever heard (or believed!) earning money requires hard work, days must slog forever, and wealth is greed, get ready for a paradigm blowing experience.

Holly Alexander’s powerful Magic Money series ignited a quiet revolution; filling bank accounts, restoring peace of mind, and transforming the thoughts of anyone lucky enough to discover this series. And now she’s distilled the process in this powerful journal.

In these pages, you’ll discover…

•Simple techniques for raising your vibration
•What to do when you feel doubt, fear, or lack
•Daily guided journal entries to keep you on track
•The Seven Simple Magic Money Steps
•Free group support for your Magic Money journey
•25 powerful mantras to flip any situation
•The One Minute Magic Money Method

The perfect accompaniment to the Magic Money series, this special journal equips you with all the tools you need to jumpstart and maintain your Magic Money journey.

After all, as Holly says, “If you can think it, then to become it, you must ink it.”



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