Love Like Crazy: Jesse’s Story (Crazy Love Series Book 1)

Written by Niki Embers

Sweet, sexy, and hardworking, Jesse O’Brien has plenty of girls who want his attention. Jesse, however, only has his sights on his future and becoming successful. The last thing he has on his mind is a spring break fling, so he doesn’t anticipate meeting the girl of his dreams when he’s only seventeen and knee-deep in crud, especially when she lives in the same house as the spoiled rich girl he despises.

The daughter of a wealthy real-estate proprietor, Kayla Jordan has her life mapped out too. Her dreams don’t include climbing the corporate ladder, though. Motherless since she was twelve, she only wants to meet the love of her life and live happily ever after.

When their dreams merge into one, the young couple has everything they ever wanted — until tragedy strikes. Now, thrust into a world of pain and heartbreak, family members insist they are too young. But when you find the love of your life, no matter how young you are, no matter what happens, the only thing you can do is hold on and Love Like Crazy.

Crafted for today’s mature young-adult readers, but with an old-fashioned cadence, Love Like Crazy will appeal to anyone who’s ever had a first love, an everlasting love. Although tastefully written, this coming-of-age story includes sexual scenes and adult situations appropriate for readers sixteen and older. Although this isn’t a Christian book, because it deals with tragedy and the steps of dealing with grief, it includes references to God.

Note: Love Like Crazy is a stand-alone story, and it doesn’t have an evil cliffhanger!



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