Love is Blind: A Young Adult Romance Novel

Written by Tara Declan
Category: · Teens & Young Adult

Romantic. Tragic. Everlasting.

If you love young adult romances that’ll leave you in pieces from authors like John Green, Nicolas Sparks, and Jamie McGuire, you’ll definitely fall head over heels with Love is Blind!

“Even fairy tales have their struggles.”

What happens if one day everything you had and worked for are taken away in an instant?

Payton Jennings has been breezing through classes and acing them. But a day that started perfectly fine day ended in a gruesome incident. A rage out of pure jealousy has targeted one of the school’s most famous students and opened fire.

Reece Collins’ life is something one can consider as perfect. He is rich, smart, handsome, famous and generous. It, therefore, shocked the whole school when he was shot point-blank, leaving him blind. And just like that, his popularity and his friends vanished as well.

Except for one— Payton.

Lost in the darkness and the fear of not being able to stand back up again, Payton helps Reece realize that there are bigger things that are bound to happen and that everything happens for a reason.

How will Reece cope with the incident that changed his life forever? As a person with a troubled background, how will Payton overcome her insecurities to help Reece overcome his fears? And will Reece and Payton prove that love is not about what you’re seeing but what you’re feeling?

Grab this eye-opening YA romance book and let it show you that what is important is indeed invisible to the naked eye.



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