Lost in Love: A Contemporary Christian Romance (Modern Conveniences Book 3)

Written by Leah Atwood

These days, Sunny Evans didn’t live up to her name. She was desperate. As in find-a-husband-online desperate. She had until March to marry or risk losing the bed and breakfast left to her by a quirky aunt who left several odd requirements in her will. When her fiancée showed up, he was nothing as described in his online profile and not in a good way.

After losing the woman he loved to another man, Sean Pearson planned a weeklong escape to his grandfather’s cabin that he remembered from childhood. He needed time away and solitude to reevaluate his life. Unfortunately for him, his GPS got him lost on back roads, and he stopped for directions at the first place he came across, the Crosswinds Bed and Breakfast.

The unexpected detour led to events Sean couldn’t have anticipated, but in a moment of clarity, he saw the opportunity to make a difference in Sunny’s life. Could the GPS have led him to the right place after all?



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