Lost Filthy Night: A Small Town Rockstar Romance (Kings of Crown Creek Book 2)

Written by Vivian Lux

From author Vivian Lux comes the story of a risk-taking bad boy, a girl-next-door nurse, and the kiss that should have never happened.

Love is a dangerous game.
That’s what people say, anyway. Me? I want real danger. Real risks. 100 on the freeway isn’t fast enough for me.
Being on stage in front of thousands wasn’t enough of a thrill.
I’m only alive when my life is on the line.
But one false move has me hurt. Broken. Trapped.

I was handling it fine until she showed up to help me. That body under that nurse’s outfit? Kill me now.
Loving her is the biggest rush I’ve ever felt. It’s the only one I want.
And I can’t get her out of my head.
I’ve got to convince her to take on the biggest risk of her life.



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