Little Dove: Emotional, Gritty Romance

Written by KC Decker

Emotional, Gritty Romance

From National Award-Winning Author KC Decker

My name is Etta Freeman.

There is something special about me.

Not special in a good way though, more like special in a way that will get me killed one day. It’s not something I talk about with anyone, but that doesn’t stop me from trying to snare my neighbor in my devious web.

He is angsty and brooding and completely sexy in a scrappy, bloody knuckle kind of way. I should also mention that he’s a scheming, felonious drug dealer and I’m drawn to him like flies on shit. The problem is, he doesn’t yet know his role in my narrative, but he will fall in line.

They always do.

Follow National Award-Winning Author KC Decker, as she takes you on an emotional, gritty ride through the dark corners of the human psyche. Little Dove is a sexy romance story that explores both the mercy and self-destructiveness that lives within us all.

Trigger warning: This book contains content that some readers may find distressing.

What readers are saying:


“I love when I get the chance to read amazing books. Let me tell you this Little Dove is beyond amazing. I love how different this is from others I’ve read in the past. That right there makes for a book that I would come out and say is a MUST READ. Yes you have a little bit dark and twisty with this one. You also will get an amazing mystery too. I say that because hello wait until you meet Dallas. He is a mystery upon himself that you are going to try and solve the entire read. I really loved his soft side along with that little mysterious broody ways…I love every moment of Little Dove. It is dark, yet hauntingly beautiful that will pull you in from the start. I for one couldn’t put this one down and can honestly say is one of my favorite reads for 2018!”


“WOW – just – WOW- This is one of those reads that, if you can, read it in one sitting – It was like watching a movie – I could not imagine pausing it and then picking up where I left off the next day – it would not have had the same emotional punch to it…Little Dove literally held me from the opening scene – drug me in and kept me under…one minute you are laughing and looking for the next adventure and the next you are facing bouts of angry tears and terrified to turn the corner – Raw – Emotional. This had so many emotional triggers, & “OH h-ell no” moments mixed with some of the sweetest, most endearing scenes- It’s hard to put into words but it definitely will have your emotions running the gauntlet!”


“My first KC book and to say I’m impressed is an understatement. It packs the emotional punch and takes you along with these characters from 0 to 100 within the first chapter. I’m an obsessional reader. If I get trapped in the book, I don’t come up for air until I finish it. This delicious gem was so much more than I thought it would be. Writing genius!!! LITTLE DOVE is beyond what I could explain without giving anything away and I don’t want to do that. It’s a must read for sure!!”


“Emotional, raw and gut wrenching in the best of ways…once the story began I was off and running. It’s a gritty, sad, sexual, raw, uplifting emotional roller coaster. If you feel nothing from this book check your pulse mate because you are likely dead.”


“I was OMG hooked from the beginning, Wow the emotional drama was up top, you won’t want to put down until you finish, great characters, Awesome story line.”


“This is not a shallow, quick romance story. There is so much packed into this one. It has an emotional depth that starts on the first page and doesn’t quit.”


“I read constantly and I have to say this maybe one of my top books I have read in years!”



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