Life Coaching – Questions And Activities For Your Professional Life Coaching And Career Consulting Business (A Manual For Becoming An Influential Career Coach)

Written by Thomas Keane
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Life Coaching: Essential Questions And Activities For Your Professional Life and Business Coaching And Certified Career Consulting Business

Life coaching is a future-centric approach used to help people improve their lives. This is usually done through the establishment and achievement of personal as well as professional goals.
Even though this career life coach or business coach may resemble the functions of a psychiatrist or a psychologist, life coaching is different. Life coaches don’t look back on the past of their clients, and they merely evaluate areas in which the client may improve and provide advice on how they can improve. Are you ready to become a coach?

This is the ultimate guide to becoming a life coach!

Many of us are excited about setting our life goals, especially at the beginning of the year, only to be disappointed because we have failed to achieve them because we have stopped working on them at the middle of the year.
There’s no way we can predict the challenges that we will face in our lives, and usually our priorities will change as we go on. However, these things should not keep you from pursuing happiness and fulfillment in your life. A life coach can help someone to get back on track and continue working on achieving his life goals.

Life coaching is an amazing career and business opportunity, surprisingly rewarding, and could be really profitable. If you have what it takes to become a life coach, be sure to read this book to help you in your journey to this wonderful career.

This book contains essential lessons on how you can pursue life and business coaching as a powerful career and build your own coaching business. It will teach you what a life coach is, how you can become a life coach and strategies to improve your coaching skills in your business Specifically, this book will guide you and help you understand the following topics:

  • The right mindset and the characters and traits that make an influential life coach
  • The different benefits for the person who receives life coaching such as positive thinking, motivation, productivity, and performance.
  • The different life coaching niche you can choose from such as career coaching, business coaching, leadership training, personal development, and more.
  • How to start your own life coaching business and consulting firm
  • Top life coaching activities and strategies explained
  • Top questions and feedback you can use during initial client conversation
  • Consider this book as your beginner’s manual in starting your wonderful yet overwhelming journey as a life coach.

Learn how to think like a Life Coach and build your own Coaching Business!

In starting your career as a life coach, you should ask yourself, “Is this the career that I am happy to spend my whole life with?”. Turns out, many life coach answered yes to that question. However, unlike other careers, many life coach choose this profession because they can help people in changing their lives.
Like many forms of business, the process of setting up your life coaching business could be overwhelming. Hence in this book you will learn essential steps in setting up life coaching as your business. Going through these steps will save you time and money.

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