Life Coaching: 7 Essential Lessons for Life, Business, and Career Coaching! (Coaching for Beginners, Training, Business, Leadership, Motivation, Productivity Book 1)

Written by Alexander Graham-Dixon
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“Nothing Great Was Ever Achieved Without Enthusiasm!”

In the spirit of Ralph Waldo Emerson, let’s unleash our full-potencial and benefit the world! In this book, we will take a look at the essential stages of Life Coaching. It opens with a clear explanation on the importance of having the right and empowering mindset. Ultimately giving you simple and actionable ways for making it work as a business!

Ready to improve both your social and business skills? If so, this book is for you! This coaching path pursued with passion, diligence, and persistence delivers an amazing income. Coaching will empower your life with meaning as you positively transform the lives of your clients. How many other opportunities are can be so impactful?

This book will help you discover inner strength, and set you on a path to coaching success. Read on, be bold, and success will follow!

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Exactly What You Will Learn…

  • What a Life Coach Actually Does
  • The Benefits and Joy of Life Coaching
  • How to Become a Great Life Coach
  • How to Pick an Appropriate Method of Coaching
  • How to Start Up Your Coaching Business
  • How to Market Yourself and Get More Clients
  • The Philosophy of an Inspiring Life Coach
  • A Bunch of Tips for Becoming an Influential Coach!
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