Let Me Fall

Written by Lily Foster

Kirkus Reviews-An involving tale of love and redemption that will satisfy discerning fans of the new-adult genre.

What was your Senior Superlative?
Most likely to succeed,
Most likely to win an Olympic gold,
Most likely to snag a billionaire?

Me? If the administration at Westerly High would have allowed the student body free rein, full creative control, I would have been voted:
Most likely to turn tricks for a living,
Most likely to screw you over,
Most likely to—hopefully—die a slow and painful death.

In the weeks leading up to graduation, I was the single-most hated member of my senior class. I was the girl who had driven the school’s golden boy to his demise. I was the girl who’d done something sordid and shameful. Exposed in a cruel and very public way, I was the girl who got what she deserved.
I’m Carolyn. This is my story, and believe it or not, there’s a happy ending—even for someone like me.

Let Me Fall is the latest New Adult Romance in Lily Foster’s Let Me series
Recommended for readers 17 and older due to mature sexual content.



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