LAVENDER AND HADDOCK: Part One of ‘The Trouble with Wyrms’ Trilogy

Written by Mike Williams

It’s England in 1912 and a group of middle-aged women are causing havoc in the quiet Derbyshire village of Sodden-on-the-Bog.
‘They’re not from round ‘ere,’ as one villager put it, and indeed they’re not. These ladies are from a distant planet, a touch to the left and a little bit down from Orion’s Belt. They’ve been given strict orders to find the great Wyrms of legend, but have discovered sun, sangria and the Suffragettes instead. There’s the teeniest tiniest problem of them being mistaken for German spies too, not to mention being chased by giant rats who’ve taken over the village pub.
‘Lavender and Haddock’ – the first of a comedy trilogy recounting the exploits of a group of witches in their search for peace, love and the Stately Wyrms of England…and a good gin and tonic, they adore a good gin and tonic.



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