Lady Joe

Written by Mark Saha

“The hilarious tale is told with Twainian humor and warmth as well as a bit of nostalgia.”

Lee Estes somehow manages to lose a champion cutting horse scheduled to be picked up by a buyer. The unsophisticated buyer only wants Lady Joe as a trophy horse to impress guests in his back yard, so Lee buys a cheap no-talent blue roan replacement. When the buyer tells Lee to enter her in a weekend cutting for photographs, he must scramble to find a blue roan cutter to substitute for his bogus horse. By chance, the only one around belongs to Jim Harrison’s wife, who is thinking about divorcing Jim and has a low opinion of Lee. But Jim sees in Lee’s hustle a desperate shot at saving his marriage. The boys embark on a humorous misadventure that becomes an affectionate glimpse at the sport of cutting and a trenchant comment on in the future of the horse in a world where it is no longer essential to everyday life. Goodreads says, “This sweet tale is both comic and heart-gripping.”



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