L.A. Defense – A Harper Ross Legal Thriller

Written by Rachel Sinclair

Ginger is back, and her mouth is as unfiltered as ever…

Ginger Perry, Harper’s star witness in her previous murder trial, left Kansas City for the greener pastures of the Los Angeles adult film scene. As soon as she gets out to the West Coast, however, she catches a case. A big case. A murder case.

The victim is a powerful studio head. Ginger insists she was framed. Harper’s not so sure. She wants to give Ginger the benefit of the doubt, but Ginger’s always been a little shady. 

Nevertheless, Harper agrees to take the case. After all, she hasn’t had a vacation in years, and a trip to Los Angeles is as much of a vacation as she’s ever going to get – even if it’s not really a vacation, but another murder case. Harper knows that she needs another murder case like she needs a hole in the head, but she just can’t resist a lost cause. 

And Ginger’s case seems to be as lost of a cause as you can get.

With the twists, turns and lightning-fast pace you’ve come to expect from a Harper Ross Legal Thriller, L.A. Defense is not to be missed!



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