Killers in Uniform

Written by Adrian Vincent

These are the true stories of murderers who were beyond suspicion…

A person in uniform is automatically seen as someone who can be trusted, their clothes a symbol of responsibility and authority. Yet here are over thirty true stories of real life murderers who abused the trust of the public, their patients, their friends and their colleagues, indulging in chilling killing sprees.

Neville Heath, the charming RAF officer with uncontrollable urges.

Susan Christie, the ‘Fatal Attraction’ killer from the Ulster Defence Regiment.

Robert Erler, the so-called Super Cop who shot a mother and daughter seemingly on a whim.

Genene Jones, the loving nurse who killed many of the children in her care.

James Camb, the ship’s steward who charmed and then killed one of his passengers.

What drove these people to commit such heinous acts and how did they utilise the confidence placed in those in uniform?

Killers in Uniform is saturated with stark reminders that real-life killers are far from monsters of fiction. In providing a comprehensive history of some of the most shocking crimes on record,

Adrian Vincent raises important questions about patterns of crime, the psychology of murder and regulation of systems where trust and exploitation can unfortunately go hand in hand.

He also charts changes in the justice system and controversial judicial attitudes towards punishment: documenting the move away from the death penalty and punitive punishment towards rehabilitation and flexible sentencing terms, detailing crimes which ended in hanging and life-sentences to prisoners sent to psychiatric hospitals including Broadmoor.

Adrian Vincent worked in Fleet Street for twenty-seven years, becoming managing editor of IPC’s educational magazines. He is the author of many books on art and antiques, novels and true crime.



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