Killer Vacation: A Lark & Landry Mystery

Written by R.F. Kacy
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

Megan knows one thing.

No matter what, she has to save her friend Cassie.

If she can save herself first.

Megan and Cassie travel to the tropical island of St. Colette for spring break vacation. Megan hopes to relax after a brutal winter. Cassie wants to chase surfers and enjoying the nightlife.

But when a friend turns up dead, their plans go out the window. Was it an accident as the police insist, or is something sinister afoot in paradise?

With help from a mysterious old lady and the police chief’s handsome son, Megan and Cassie set out to find the answer.

The problem is, their investigation threatens to spoil the perfect crime.

Soon they battle a hidden enemy intent on making them the next victims. And just when they think they’ve won, the real killer emerges from the shadows.

Megan and Cassie will have to rely on their wits, and each other, if they want to survive their Killer Vacation.

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Killer Vacation is the first book in the new Lark & Landry Mystery series of novels written for fans of the golden age who-dun-it stories. It features two girls who couldn’t be more different, but can’t live without each other. If you like quirky characters, suspenseful action, and plot twists galore, then you’ll love this new series.

What readers are saying about KILLER VACATION:

“What a great fun read.” Carol

“…plenty of twists and surprises right up until the end..” Fleur W

“I can usually have these figured out as to who the culprit is somewhere in the last half of the story if not before but not this time!” glendaleona

“The sassy main characters on their adventurous vacation had me laughing a lot…” Amazon Customer

“…a great book that was hard to put down.” coyotecactus

St. Colette, a fictional island in the French West Indies, is a tropical paradise not yet spoiled by the tourist trade. It’s remote, wildly beautiful, and the perfect place for two teenage girls to find excitement during spring break vacation. Too bad it’s also ideal for murder!


Megan Lark – A typical high school senior from a small farming community in southwest Louisiana. If the senior is introverted, relentless curious, and obsessed with justice. A young Miss Marple if there ever was one. Megan may yearn for the quiet life, but she’s willing to sacrifice everything to protect her family and friends.

Cassie Landry – Megan’s best friend when they were young, Cassie moved to New Orleans at the age of twelve. In the time they’ve been apart, Cassie became the mirror image of Megan; wild, flamboyant, and above all else, interested in having a good time. She’s also proficient in martial arts, a skill which comes in handy when you’re being stalked by a killer!

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The Lark & Landry Mystery Series

#1: Killer Vacation
#2: Dead Even (coming March 31, 2018 and now available on pre-order)
#3: Masked Murder (coming May 31, 2018)



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