kids book:MOMMY REALLY LOVES ME: How to deal with a child’s misinterpretation of their mother’s love? (Preschool Picture Book ages 4-8) (values book) (Bedtime … Readers From Truthy Ruthy Series 2)

Written by Sari Barel
Category: · Children’s Books

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Lovely Jessica asked herself why her beloved Mom didn’t want to complete her drawing assignment for her, and why she didn’t want to fight for her during an argument she’d had with another child. But one day Jessica had an exciting experience that made her realize that her Mommy not only loves her dearly, she trusts her, too! Jessica was delighted to discover that each Mom has her own way of loving her children, and that her Mommy loves her very much.

This values book for children is a great book for kids
about how to deal with a preschool child’s misinterpretation of their mother’s love. Perfect children’s book for Early & Beginner Readers.
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This Values picture book ‘Mommy Really Loves Me!’ is loved by:

~ Preschool kids
who are excited by the story, and love Pappy the Rabbit.

~ Parents
who love the idea that there are more ways than one to love their children.

~Teachers and coaches
who love the distinction between ‘reality’ and ‘Interpretation’.

This Children’s book for ages 4-8 is a must for every child, parent, preschool teacher and coach.

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This children’s book is suitable as a ‘read-aloud book’ for preschoolers, or as a ‘self-read’ book for children who are early & beginner readers.

It’s a great story to read at bedtime, or any time, and will help kids to go to sleep knowing that, no matter what, their mothers really love them in their own special way.

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