Keto Meal Prep: The Ultimate Guide For Beginners And Intermediates (Plan To Save You Time And Money)

Written by Alexandros Costa

If you would you like to lose up to EXTRA 2 more pounds a week, spend less time preparing your Keto meals and save more money at the same time, then keep reading…

Meal prepping is a concept supported by many scientific studies, among which The American Journal of Health. A research conducted by Harvard School of Public Health indicates that some of the major benefits of meal prepping (besides saving time and money) are: reduced stress and a more nutritionally balanced diet as you avoid rushed preparation or last-minute decisions on what to eat.

 Keto Meal Prep includes:

·         how to lose up to 2 EXTRA  more pounds a week with Keto Meal Prep – Pages 41 -50

·         How to save time with meal prep – Pages 24-30

·         How To Kickstart your day – Pages 50-68

·         Mistakes to avoid – Pages 183-189

·         “ Emergency  Keto” – Pages 156-182

·         When and what to “meal prep” – Pages 18-23

·         Meat meal ideas – Pages 69-123

·         Alexandros’ meal prepping “map” to success for you – Pages 13-23

·         How to save money with meal prep – Pages 31-40

·         Vegan and Vegetarian Keto meal ideas – Pages 124-137

·         Diary Free Keto meal ideas  – Pages 140-154

… and much, much more!

On top of all this, you will find a bonus section inside, at the end of the book that will greatly impact your success!

Even applying three things inside could result in a 10 – 15% less time spent in the kitchen and 5 – 10% money saved.

The content is written in an easy to understand English, with plenty of pictures and with simple and practical, yet effective methods that could be applied even by a 12-year-old boy with no cooking or kitchen experience whatsoever.

The information inside is perfect for a Keto beginner and could easily offer new valuable information to a Keto intermediate.

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