Kelan: Talonian Warriors (A Sci-fi Alien Weredragon Romance)

Written by Celeste Raye
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

On a mission to find a weapon that would not harm the atmosphere of his planet,
could Kelan remain uninvolved when he discovered his gentle, human associate was
being abused?

Kelan Rankin owned a company worth billions. His weapons were considered
evolutionary. He freely shared them with the entire world. He had been commanded to
stay uninvolved with the humans by the leaders of his planet. It was difficult for one so
kindhearted. He found them to be like family and he cared deeply for their welfare,
especially that of his personal assistant.

Michelle Langtree was shocked to be chosen as personal assistant to Kelan Rankin. Her
resume wasn’t up to par. She found her duties a challenge she was ready for. Kelan
trusted her and that meant everything to her. Her personal life was a shambles. She was
shackled to a man who abused her endlessly.

When Kelan discovered Michelle being choked by her abuser, anger took over his body.
He transformed into a terrifying creature. Michelle was saved, but at what cost? She now
feared the only man she had ever trusted and Kelan’s secret was out.

Can a human fall in love with a mythical creature? Will she keep his secret?
Can Kelan stand up to his superiors for the sake of a mere human?

All books in this page-turning Sci-fi alien romance series can be read as
standalones, there are no cliffhangers, and happily ever afters are guaranteed!

Warning: Adults Only



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