Justice Delayed: A Brady Flynn Novel: Brady Flynn Legal Thriller Series Book 4

Written by D.K. McIntosh
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

When prominent business leader Franklin Pierce is shot to death in the shower, all eyes turn on his wife. After all, the homicide detectives’ rule one is “the spouse did it.” It doesn’t help that Margaret lies to police or that her marriage is falling apart. Or that her .38 revolver is conveniently missing. Toss in a large insurance policy and an extramarital affair and the case seems to be a prosecutor’s dream.
Until Brady Flynn is called.
Outside his normal territory, Brady is willing to travel to rural Skagit Valley, even though the evidence is stacked against him. But the deeper he digs, the more Brady discovers that politics and social standing cover a horrible truth, one he might be unable to save his client from. Especially when tragedy pulls the rug out from under him, threatening his very sanity.
Welcome to another Brady Flynn Legal Thriller by D. K. McIntosh. Justice Delayed is Book 4 in the Brady Flynn Legal Thriller Series.



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