Just Stop Me (Escape to New Zealand Book 9)

Written by Rosalind James
Category: · Romance

Sometimes you have to run away to find yourself.

Lots of young women dream of being a princess. Nina Jones isn’t one of them. After escaping from her palace/prison by burying herself under sacks of fertilizer, she ends up in a beach cottage on New Zealand’s South Island. She’s meant to be looking after a cantankerous widower. Too bad she doesn’t know how to boil an egg.

Iain McCormick may be an All Black, a member of New Zealand’s elite rugby team, and a bona fide celebrity. During the offseason, though, he’s meant to be a regular Kiwi bloke. A good son, a good neighbor, and a good citizen. But civility comes harder when you’ve been dumped at the altar. He doesn’t need anybody he has to look out for. He definitely doesn’t need to fall in love.

Yeah, right.

Note: This book, like New Zealand, contains some steam. In fact, it gets downright hot in a few places, and more than a little adventurous. If that isn’t your cuppa, maybe visit another country . . . er, book.



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